Our thoughtfully designed training programs are focused on the customers getting the maximum value out of their Putzmeister equipment. An integral part of this is first-hand knowledge of the challenges our customers will face. No one has more experience across a wider range of geographies, projects and working conditions than Putzmeister. Customers don’t just get to learn how to best use Putzmeister equipment, but also how it can best help their specific project in specific conditions. These tried and tested approaches combined with practical experience gathered from the day-to-day working across our comprehensive range of products make our training sessions a treasure trove of valuable information for both owners and operators on the field. Courses have different areas of focus, including safety, maintenance, and the right usage of our machines. They are directed towards both new and experienced equipment operators and workshop managers. Our instructors facilitate both in-depth knowledge of theory as well as hands-on training with a view to practical knowledge. Further, our workshops and training modules can be tailored to the needs of your company.

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Benefits at a glance

Being up-to-date with the latest knowledge of Putzmeister machines and technology, and their maintenance yields several benefits:

   • Extends the life of equipment

   • Maximizes machine productivity

   • Lower maintenance costs

   • Improved safety

   • Added value of shared industry knowledge with peers and instructors from other companies