About Us

CPENZ commenced business as a supplier to the New Zealand & South Pacific concrete pumping industry in 2004.

After owning a fleet of Putzmeister Boom Pumps and finding it difficult to source spares, Putzmeister decided its brand was better in the hands of people who understood its product.

‘In a small country like New Zealand, reputation knowledge & integrity is key!‘

We understand that if you know first-hand about the industry you are selling to and can act swiftly when the pressure is on, customers will remain loyal.

CPENZ currently employs 9 people bringing together a collaboration of expertise from the Concrete Pumping, Ready-mix, Automotive, Hydraulic and Sales industries.


Putzmeister New Zealand

Putzmeister has been represented in New Zealand for over 35 years and has been the preferred choice for construction related concrete pumping equipment. Collectively we develop, produce, sell and serve our customers with high quality, highly reliable machines for pumping, distributing and placing concrete, mortar and high density solids, and for preparing, temporarily storing, processing and transporting these materials. We strive to serve our customers by being close to their business and this continues to be our mission for the future too.

CPENZ carries at any one time an inventory of over 25,000 spare parts and places weekly shipments all over the world in order to meet urgent spare part requirements. We offer longer lasting, better performing parts & accessories, which means greater savings & less downtime.


What sets us a part

Innovative technologies that are constantly updated as per the latest research and development, along with ever demanding market requirements. We have the ability to customise equipment to the exact needs of our customers and provide effective, long term and simple solutions to complex problems through our hardy and versatile machines. Handling and decoding complex construction assignments across the globe. Effectively and actively partnering clients on projects and helping them deliver on their promises. We have access to a vast range of experience from our close-knit network of partners in each nook and corner of the world.

CPENZ’s continued growth is testament to the knowledge, experience, support and quality of the products and services we offer our customers.