Putzmeister P 8 Truck Mixer

  • Product Code: WEB-P8
  • Description:

    The Putzmeister P 8 is robust and almost maintenance free. Truck mixers are used every day. They have to run reliably and be low-maintenance. Low wear-and-tear in particular plays an important role in a rough environment and in dealing with coarse materials, so that it can supply transport concrete without any loss in quality for years to come. Consequently, Putzmeister truck mixers are consistently built as standard with boron/magnesium steel. This heat-treated steel offers high wear protection for a good price. The truck mixer therefore withstands difficult conditions and ensures a long service life. The P 8 truck mixer is available in standard, light (L), ultra light (UL) and heavy reinforced (HR) version.


• Reduced consumption and operating costs

• 20 % weight saving over standard 4.5 mm thick steel constructions (UL Version)

• Enclosed rear up to the frame

• Long discharge chute – 1.45m

• Enclosed mixer frame made from S500 steel

• Large manhole - Ø 580 mm

• Optimised drum geometry

• 27 Mn Cr B5 boron/magnesium steel = approx. 30 % higher wear resistance

• Enlarged platform with ergonomic guard rail

• Underride protection with footstep

• Fully-automated Ergonic® Mixer Control (EMC)

• Integrated stowage compartment (optional)


Nominal Fill - 8 m³

Water Line - 9.33 m³

Geometric Volume - 14.19 m³

Installation Angle - 12.70 degree

Height - 3840 mm

Standard Version Weight - 3840 kg

Light Version Weight - 3460 kg

Ultra Light Version Weight - 3270 kg

Heavy Reinforced Version Weight - 4530 kg