Putzmeister CM15 Continuous Mixer

  • Product Code: CM15
  • Description: The Putzmeister CM15 is a powerful continuous mixer. Very efficient in the most demanding situations. Ideal for homogeneous mixtures of up to 4mm mortar. Works with all dry mortars & prefabricated interior & exterior plaster (adhesive mortar, reinforced mortar, lime-cement or cement mortar, filler or skim coat, reinforcement or bonding mortar, finish & decoration plaster (with a grain size of up to 4mm). Its versatility, easy operation, compact dimensions & low weight make the CM15 a good companion. Suitable for both indoor & outdoor construction sites. Extremely reliable, easy to operate & very versatile.

Technical Specifications 
Power Supply 230V / 50Hz 
Output 15-20L 
Electric drive 1,1kW 
Water connection Geka ½” 
Water pressure min 2.5bar 
Fuse 16A, protective switch FI 
Weight 76.5kg 
Dimensions LxWxH 1500 x 650 x 900mm