M740 Mixokret

  • Product Code: M740
  • Description: POWERFUL AND DURABILITY Known for its power and durability, its simple operation, modern design and easy-to-service layout makes the M740 one of the very best floor screed pumps. It can convey materials like cement screed, Calcium Sulphate screed (anhydrite), Magnesia screed as well as sand and aggregate for special application. The Mixokret M 740 is available in 3 versions: M 740 D Diesel (Basic version) M 740 DB Diesel and feeder M 740 DBS Diesel, feeder and scraper


  • Made for working with Air valve fitting, instruments and important indicators within view and easy to reach
  • Robust main switch (on/off, EMERGENCY STOP, pressure gauge) not covered to provide easier access
  • Made in Germany, known for durability and quality
  • Guarantees a high resale value
  • Pumping characteristics that reduce stress on the machine
  • Constant material flow and fewer impacts in the hose lines
  • Modern, practical design with strong canopy shape and design for better value retention
  • Reinforced, hot-dip galvanised hopper for greater robustness and durability
  • Optimised maintenance and service features due to improved accessibility
  • Hydraulically powered loader and scraper with radio remote control with emergency switch on/off
  • Every PM mortar machine can be equipped with various useful accessories to create an ideal machine


User-friendly cooling system with innovative user-friendly exhaust air system and additional exhaust air shaft 

Effective cooling of interior, compressor and engine reduces heat build-up

Powerful drive unit with automatic engine speed control for greater economy and resistance to wear

All data provided is based on experience and depends on the material used. Specifications subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. Other data can be obtained on request."