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    This Log Book Has Been Published In Accordance With The New Australian Standard (AS2550.15:2019)

    This Operator Logbook is for Line, Boom & Tower Concrete Placing Equipment and is designed to be kept in the cab of your truck. One Operator Logbook is required for each pump in your fleet and lasts for Twelve months.

    Price: $135.00 + GST


This Logbook contains the following inspections and forms;

 • Pre-Operational Inspections (Each Use)

 • Routine Inspections and Maintenance (Monthly)

 • Monthly Pipeline Thickness Tests and Inspections

 • Equipment Maintenance Record

 • Equipment Repair Record

 • Periodic Inspection Report

 • Review of Maintenance, Repair Report and Logbook


As well as;

 • 'How to Use' guide

 • Diagram of Equipment Types

 • Definitions of Inspections and Interval Requirements

 • Equipment Specifications

 • Classification of Support Structure (with fault codes)