Putzmeister SP11 BMR 2005 Mortar / Grout Pump

  • Product Code: WEB-SP11-2
  • Description:

    She ain't pretty but she does work well. Fully serviced: oil and filters replaced plus new rotor stator and auger drive.
    $22,999 + GST





This specialist machine can be used for all premixed dry mortar and site-made mixes. The Putzmeister SP11 LMR worm pump offers lasting value, thanks to its lightweight yet robust plastic hood, for example, which can withstand even the toughest conditions on site – thus making it very economical.

It can be used for both exterior plaster (lime, lime cement and insulating plaster) as well as interior plaster (lime plaster). Some of the special applications for this machine are light masonry or fire protection mortar, filling and grouting work, and concrete renovation.

It has a mixer capacity of 180L and the motor generates 16.3 kW of power.